Automated Cash Forecasting and Bank Reporting

CashAnalytics is a feature rich software solution that allows you and your company to automate time consuming, painful cash forecasting and bank reporting tasks.

Save significant amounts of time and effort while gaining clear visibility of company wide current and future cash flow requirements, using CashAnalytics.

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Save Time through Automation

CashAnalytics connects to all sources of cash flow data, including systems and controllers in business units, to automate manual data collection, consolidation and reporting tasks.


Improve Accuracy with Variance Analysis

Quickly and easily carry out detailed actual versus forecast variance analysis to both understand and continuously drive improvements in cash forecast accuracy.


Gain Crystal Clear Cash Visibility

CashAnalytics provides crystal clear visibility over consolidated current cash positions and future cash requirements through a suite of intuitive dashboard and reports.


Learn more by reading our practical guides showing you how you can improve your cash forecasting and bank reporting processes.

How does CashAnalytics work?

CashAnalytics is a cloud based cash forecasting and bank reporting software solution designed for mid to large sized companies.

It provides end-to-end cash flow visibility from historic through to present day and extending to any future cash forecast horizon (13 week, 12 month etc.)

Highly configurable, and easy to use, CashAnalytics will quickly automate manual cash reporting tasks by plugging into all sources of cash flow data, including systems and business units.

Key features include:

  • Automation of data collection
  • Easy consolidation and reporting
  • Driver based cash flow modelling
  • Detailed variance and accuracy analysis
Customisable models that pull data from any source
Understand the impact of changing business drivers on cash flow
Accuracy and Variance Analysis

Find out more

We work with hundreds of companies worldwide across a broad range of industries. As a result, we have unparalleled experience in the area of cash forecasting and bank reporting.

Talk to an expert

Talk to one of our experts to discuss your requirements and develop a better understanding of how CashAnalytics can help you transform the way you forecast and report cash.

See a demo

A short demo of CashAnalytics will show you the system's key features and how they can solve your pain points. The demo takes a deep dive into the automation and reporting capabilities of the system.

Understand pricing

Pricing for CashAnalytics scales with the requirements of a business. When we know what you need we can provide pricing that is built on simple variables such as the number of reporting entities and bank accounts you require.

Set-up and roll-out

CashAnalytics is a fast to deploy solution. We have a tried and trusted road-map for setting up and rolling out CashAnalytics in even very large organisations, in a very short period of time.

Forecasting Software Used Globally

CashAnalytics supports a large number of companies and users across a range of industries, around the world. A selection of these are featured below: